3 April 2012

The THATEA project has ended per 31 december 2011. All reporting has now been submitted to the European Commission. The last work package that was finished considered the testing of integral systems.>>

15 December 2011

Last month, two thermoacoustic systems were realised that couple a thermoacoustic engine with a thermoacoustic heat pump>>

7 Febuari 2011

Last week, the fourth progress meeting of the THATEA project was held at the premises of the FEMTO-ST laboratory in Belfort, France. >>


7 December 2010

Next Friday, on 10 December 2010, a thermoacoustic workshop is organised in Paris...  >>


12 October 2010

Yesterday, a letter has been received from the EU that the commission recommends a GO for this project... >>

24 September 2010

The midterm meeting of the THATEA project was held on 23 September 2010 at ECN in Petten... >>


Welcome to THATEA

THATEA, the acronym of the full title "THermoAcoustic Technology for Energy Applications" is a European project funded under the EU's seventh framework program (FP7).

The objective of the THATEA project is to advance the basic scientific and technological knowledge in the field of thermoacoustics, in order to create a strong position within the European community, in relation to the competition from the US, China and Japan. The project will assess the feasibility of thermoacoustic applications to achieve conversion efficiencies of:

  • Heat to acoustic power of 40% of the maximum theoretical Carnot efficiency;
  • Acoustic power to heating/cooling of 40% of the maximum theoretical Carnot efficiency.

In addition, integrated systems should be investigated that couple the separate components, resulting in high overall system efficiency.

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